Association for the Advancement of Educational Research
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The mission of AAER is to encourage the growth of educational research and to provide

a bridge for inquiry processes and findings across disciplines and fields in Education.

The Association for the Advancement of Educational Research


Bridging Educational Practice and Discipline Through Research


During the long months between the start of the school year and the beginning of the new year, have you thought about finding a warm, friendly and responsive group of highly educated researchers who wish to share their research in meeting rooms, around the swimming pool, in the Jacuzzi or while playing golf on an 18 hole course along the ocean front or while playing tennis on one of 20 tennis courts?  Continue thinking and you will find your way to the Hutchinson Island Marriott for the AAER National Conference Nov. 3– 9, 2014.  The outdoor temperature on land and in the three swimming pools and Jacuzzis at the Marriott is in the 80’s and the warmth spawns the exchange of ideas on research whether you are in a meeting room, having lunch outdoors each day of the conference, or in informal discussions at the hospitality suites provided each evening of the meeting.


To experience this, you should get out your laptop by June 30, 2014, and submit a proposal for presentation at the Annual AAER meeting.  This proposal can be in any of five formats, a paper session, a roundtable, a symposium, a discussion group, or a poster session, whatever will get you to the 200 acre island resort on Hutchinson Island.  The Hotel is 45 minutes from the Palm Beach International Airport and I will send you a list of taxis to take to the conference from the airport. The price of a hotel room is $140 per night, single or double and the food is scrumptious.


Your membership in AAER and Conference Registration includes three lunches, outdoors by the pool each day with noted speakers.  It also includes opportunities

for extensive presentations of 20 minutes each for paper sessions and Facilitators who

provide a receptive atmosphere for each presentation.  It also includes the hospitality suites each evening.   


The mission of AAER is to encourage the growth of educational research and to provide a bridge for inquiry processes and findings across disciplines and fields in Education. It

is a small national conference that has this thematic emphasis which is uniquely different from AERA.  It is through a reflective and congenial atmosphere that AAER provides that you will be able to experience the opportunity for both enjoyment and intellectual growth. Whether you present or only attend, I am sure you will want to come back over and over again as I have since I founded AAER 15 years ago.


Dr. Mervin Lynch

Executive Director, AAER