Association for the Advancement of Educational Research



AAER publishes a peer reviewed Journal which is listed in Cabal, The Journal for the Advancement of Educational Research.  Submissions to the Journal are separate from submissions to the conference and the manuscripts submitted to the Journal are submitted to an independent blind peer review by at least three and sometimes four members of the editorial review board.


The Journal is published once yearly by AAER and includes manuscripts which promote excellence and seek to bridge educational research across many fields of educational practice and foundational disciplines.  To be considered for publication, manuscripts must be written in APA style and can be no more than 15 double spaced typewritten pages inclusive of tables and references.  The submission deadline is August 1.


To be considered for publication, all authors and co-authors must pay their current year AAER membership fees. They are also required to pay submission fees which are $150 for senior authors and $55 for each co-author. If authors submit more than one manuscript for an issue the author or authors are required to pay separate submission fees for each manuscript submitted.  The senior author on all papers published must maintain membership payments for two years from the date of submission.


All manuscripts for the Journal should be submitted and all Journal editorial communications directed to the AAER Journal Editor who is:

Dr. Phillip Mutisya,

North Carolina Central University,

712 Cecil St., Durham NC 27707,

phone 919.530.7689



All payments for membership and submission fees should be submitted to:

Dr. Mervin Lynch, Executive Director,

AAER, 14476 Amberly Lane,

Delray Beach FL 33446

Phone: 561.637.3230.



To be published in the Journal for the Advancement of Educational Research manuscripts should meet the following criteria:


 1. Importance:   The manuscript should make an important contribution to the field of educational research.


2.  Methodological Adequacy:  Manuscripts reporting empirical studies should have clearly described designs and methods and clearly formulated findings/conclusions supported by data obtained with valid and reliable measures.


3.  Manuscript:  Authors should submit an original manuscript and two blinded copies. The original manuscript should include author identification data, but there should be no author identification data on the blinded copies.  A one paragraph abstract not to exceed 150 words should accompany the manuscript. The manuscript should also be submitted on a Microsoft disc in Microsoft word and this copy should include manuscript title, author and co-authors, affiliations, addresses, e-mail address and telephone contact numbers for all authors.


4.  Preparation of Copy:  The manuscript including references and tables should be double spaced with one inch margins and in total should not exceed 15 pages. A separate cover sheet should include the title of the article and the name(s) and full academic degrees of the author(s).   Choose one author to act as the recipient of all correspondence and include his or her name, address, position, institution, telephone number, fax number and e-mail address with the manuscript. 


5.  Style and References:  Manuscript and references should follow the American Psychological Association Manual, most current edition guidelines. All written material, references and tables shall be double spaced.


6. Costs:  All authors must pay Journal fees when submitting a manuscript to cover publication costs.  If the authors are submitting more than one manuscript then separate submission fees are required for each manuscript submitted. These are $150 for 1st authors and $55 for each co-author.  All authors must be members of AAER at the time of submission of papers.  Membership dues run from January 1 to December 31 of each year.  If submitting the manuscript in 2017, each author must pay membership dues for 2017.  The 1st author is expected to maintain membership for two years so this author is expected to pay dues for 2017 and 2018 when they are due for both 2017 and 2018. (Please note that membership fees paid at or before the 2017 conference only cover the 2017 membership year and not 2018.


7.  Manuscript Acceptance.  Each submission will be blind reviewed by three and sometimes four members of the Journal editorial board.  The average time for review is three months. If a manuscript is rejected at the time of the initial review, all Journal but not membership fees will be returned to the author(s). If the initial review results in an acceptance with or without required revisions all payments will be viewed as final and retained by AAER.


Submitted manuscripts often require revisions at the time of acceptance.  It is expected that authors will make these revisions in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of the Editor of JAER that all requirements for change in the manuscript proposed by the reviewers and Journal Editor have been met by the author(s) which meet the Editorial standards for publication in JAER.


8.  Due Date. All manuscripts must be received by August 1st to be considered for publication in the current issue of the Journal.  Authors can appear in only two articles per issue of the Journal.  If an author appears in more than two manuscripts that are accepted for publication, the author must choose the order in which he/she wishes to have the articles published and they will be spaced out over Journal issues accordingly.